Thai Lottery VIP tips for 01/03/2019

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The lottery is drawn tomorrow and we have secured our numbers with this strategy what we are about to show you! Our team of professional lottery players uses this method very often because it brings very good results.

The Strategy with 317

This strategy is very simple, but very effective and that is why we like it. We try to not overcomplicate things and this formula helps. This strategy includes adding 317 number to the previous result + adding 317 to next results you got till you get back to your original winning number.

Calculations by adding 317

First, we have to take the previous winning number, which was 824 on 16-02-2019.

Then we will add 317 to it and calculate every digit. Please Note: if you get a double digit number, for example, 7+5(=12), then use only second number, which is 2.
You have to add 317 number to every result you get afterward, do that till you get to 824 number again.
See example below:

You have to continue calculating until you get 824 again. Below are the results by calculating all the numbers, and these numbers will be used for the next draw on 01-03-2019

Using sum-date

Next step is to calculate the sum-date, which is adding the day and the month of the previous winner. In this case, the previous winning number was drawn on 16/02/2019. It means we have to take 16 + 02, which is 18, but we will use the only second number – in this case, 8.

Now we have to select where number 8 is located on our calculation table, which we did two paragraphs above.

Using the Thai Lottery VIP tips

The ultimate tip is to look for 3digit number combinations, which are “touching” the number 8. Please see examples below, how you should select the numbers.
The numbers marked with a RED dot should be used to create your combination for next draw on 01/03/2019

We pray that you will have great success in the upcoming lottery and we are sure you will!


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