Thai Lottery VIP Tips (for 01-02-2019)

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Dear Lucky Number hunters! We have great Thai Lottery VIP Tips for you today and we are confident of you increasing your chances of winning.

With this method, we have gained great results and that is why we are willing to share it with you! This method will be dealing with 6digit 1st Prize winner numbers.

Note: There are no 100% winning chance methods in lottery anywhere! We are using simple statistics and we try to predict which number will more likely be drawn next time. We have had great results with Thai Lottery and our math proves to be successful!

Thai Lottery VIP Tips for collecting data

We will be using the last 20 1st Prize-winning numbers to determine the next upcoming Thai Lottery VIP. Please remember that it is hard to predict 6digit combination right but with our method, you increase your chances!

These are the 20 past lucky number in Thai Lottery 1st prize. We have gathered this data and will work further for our method.

Arranging the Data for Thai Lottery VIP tips

Our method for Thai Lottery VIP Tips includes collecting the data, which we have already done and now – determining how many times each number has appeared.
Please see our table of collected data for the past 20 games of Thai Lottery.

As you can see, it is quite evenly distributed. Highest appearance being 14 times and lowest only 10 times. But if we follow statistical rules, it is more likely that the same number will reappear again with the correct order.

Sum up Thai Lottery VIP Tips

Now we have to arrange our data with totals. We will see, what number has appeared the most and clear us to picture how to proceed with arranging our 6digit number.

As you can see, number 3,2,1,9,0,6 are the most picked numbers, however, do not forget that the lowest numbers 5 and 8 have a bigger chance of appearing in the next Thai Lottery VIP as well.





Our Prediction for Thai Lottery VIP Tips

Base on our analysis, we have come up with the high probability combinations, which can boost your luck and you might even win 1st Prize!

Please try to find and get hold of these number as we believe they hold the biggest chance of winning based on our statistical analysis.

We really do hope you will win the 1st main prize or at least one of the prize pools, the chances are there! Hope you luck and we hope you will use our Thai Lottery VIP Tips for upcoming draw


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