Thai Lottery Result March 16 2019

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As usual, we will post the Thai lottery result for March 16 2019 The upcoming lottery promises great results, so please do not hesitate to check out our tips made by our professionals.

5th Prize (รางวลท่ี 5)

The 5th prize of Thai lottery is consisting of 100 lucky winners. Even though the lucky numbers are that much, but it is quite hard to guess the 6 digit number combination. If you have had the luck to guess the lucky number then you have earned yourself a 20’000 Baht


4th Prize (รางวลท่ี 4)

Same as for prize pool above, these lucky 6-digit numbers are only 50, but the prize of them are double the previous – 40’000 Baht. we give our blessing that you use our tips and win one of these lucky numbers.


3rd Prize (รางวลท่ี 3)

The 3rd prize pool is even bigger than the previous, but the lucky numbers are only 10. The prize pool of each guessed number combination is 80’000, which is a big money. Our team always wishes good luck for the dedicated players and this is no exception.



2nd Prize (รางวลที่ 2)

Only 5 lucky 6-digit number combinations on this Thai lottery result for 16/03/2019, but the prize is astonishing 200’000 Baht. If you will use our tips and tricks and use your luck, then you might even win this and be a richer man than u are right now! We hope you do!


First 3 Digits (เลขหน้า 3 ตัว), Last 3 Digits (เลขทาย 3 ตัว) & Last 2 Digits (เลขทาย 2 ตวั)

These numbers are easier to guess and we always recommend to concentrate on this game. The reason is that the chances of you winning one of these are much bigger than in previous prizes.

Consolation Prize (งวัลข้างเคียงรางวัลท่ี 1)

If you missed your big chance of winning the main prize, do not be sad, look one more time at your ticket and maybe you got close. If that is the case, you are still winning the big money of 100’000 Baht

1st Prize (รางวลท่ี 1)

The main prize!

We wish you very good luck winning the Thai Lottery. If you happen to win this, share with your family and friends. It will definitely boost your karma and luck!


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