Thai Lottery Result For 16/02/2019

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Another day has successfully complete for Thai Lottery Result 16-02-2019. We are proud to present the result tables as usual.

Saturday was the day when the lottery was played and the lucky color of the day is PURPLE. So we hope you used the color for better luck and it did help you!  As usual we will present results starting from the 5th prize and ending with the big jackpot – hopefully, you had a chance to win any of the prizes!

5TH Prize

Please see the table below for the number which was played successfully.

The chances of getting one of the 100 results are quite big, but the right 6-digit combination had to be guessed.

We hope you got great results! Moving on to the 4th prize winners.

4th Prize

The next prize pool is for 40’000 Baht and only 50 winners. Please see the table below for the Thai lottery result of 4th prize winning numbers.

If you did guess at least one of the combinations then congratulations for you!

3rd Prize

As you can see, there are only 10 lucky winning number combinations, but the prize is 4x more than on 4th prize. With this money you could have a nice holiday for your family, hope you got lucky!

2nd Prize

This is already closer to the jackpot! Only 5 lucky winners and prize of 200’000 BAHT. Please see table above to look at the results and we hope you will see your numbers there!

3-First, 3-Last, and 2 Digit number Prize

This prize pool is much less than on previous prizes, but the chances of winning are much bigger. You just have to guess 3 or 2 numbers and if you are lucky, you get a money prize!
See below our table of Thai Lottery Result for 3 and 2 digit numbers.

Consolation Prize

If you tried to guess the main prize number and did not guess it, please double check your paper. You could be just 1 number short or above the main prize and if you are – you are lucky, my friend!

1st Prize (The Main Prize)

The lucky numbers for Thai Lottery Result on 16-02-2019 are 074824.

If you happen to guess this number, BIG congratulations to you. You have earned yourself an extra 6’000’000 BAHT.
If you haven’t won anything, that is ok, this is a game of lucky numbers and not everybody wins. Try your luck next time and see you soon.
Good Luck!


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