Thai Lottery Result of 02 May 2019

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You are probably waiting for Thai lottery results for 02 May 2019 the same as we are. We have already prepared ourselves with the winning numbers. We are ready for the game and we really hope you are as well. Remember to keep your mind positive and believe in your numbers. Also, check out our Thai lottery tips for an increased chance of winning!

5th Prize (รางวลท่ี 5)

As usual, we will start with the lowest winnings because you have to leave the good part for the last, right? Check your six digit number combination on 1st of May and you might have earned extra 20’000 Baht.

4th Prize (รางวลท่ี 4)

If you did not find your lucky numbers in the 5th prize pool, then double check the table above, you might earn 40’000 Baht. There are plenty of number combinations and chances for you to win in this lottery, so keep looking and we hope you have found your winnings!

3rd Prize (รางวลท่ี 3)

There is a prize pool of 80’000 Baht for the upcoming Thai lottery on 1st of May Results. Only 10 winning number combination will get this prize. We hope you have read our Thai Lottery tips and have increased chances of winning. This is a lot of money and if you have done your homework, then your chances are big!


2nd Prize (รางวลที่ 2)

200’000 Baht is the prize pool for the 2nd Prize pool in this lottery game! By no doubts, this money is huge and only 5 lucky number combinations will grant you this win. We are sure one of you will be the winner by following our Tips, so do not to forget to say thanks to us and celebrate with the BANG!

First 3 Digits (เลขหน้า 3 ตัว), Last 3 Digits (เลขทาย 3 ตัว) & Last 2 Digits (เลขทาย 2 ตวั)

We have mentioned this already many times. Always concentrate on smaller numbers, because they are easier to guess. It is better to win small but often. If you get the taste of victory many times, it becomes a habit and you will do so in the future! Our team has already won this prize many times and on 02 May, we hope to earn as well!

1st Prize (รางวลท่ี 1)

This is the MAIN prize for 6’000’000 Baht. If you are the lucky man or women who happen to have the lucky six-digit number of the main prize, then feel free to celebrate like a rich man! It is because you are rich! We believe that results on Thai lottery 02 May will bring good fortune for you right before the summer!

Consolation Prize (งวัลข้างเคียงรางวัลท่ี 1)

You did not win the main prize? No worries, because everyone has second chance, look one more time at your ticker, you might have won the Consolation Prize, which is not small money as well – 100’000 Baht.

If by any chance you did not win this time, no worries! You can win it all, but it is important to keep pushing yourself. That is why we have created our Thai lottery tips just for you! Learn to play lottery right and you will definitely increase your chances to win next time!

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