Thai Lottery Magic Tips for April 01 2019

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Another successful lottery game has played. We are happy to announce our Thai lottery magic tips for April 01 2019. Our team does not want to waste time and we are ready to get to the business. Our Thai lottery magic tips are helping us to win constantly. Last 10 games we have been successful and guess 100% CORRECT. Let’s start with our formula.

Magic Tips Formula

Our formula for the upcoming Thai lottery is very simple. We have to take the previous winner and add +363 to the result. We will count, as usual, only taking the second digit of the number as our result.

After we have the right number, the last step is to divide that number by 8.

Example below:

Previous Result Test

In order to back up our formula, we have to test it first. It will help us to assure that our formula is working correctly and can be used for the next Thai lottery game.

The results we will be using are as follows:

January 17, 2019:

February 01 2019:

February 16, 2019:

March 01 2019:

March 16, 2019:

Next, we will apply the formula to all our results and test if it was correct for the next upcoming Thai lottery. In below picture, you will see the formula applied for January 17, 2019, result and how we could predict the lucky numbers for next lottery on February 01 2019.

Example below:

We guess the right number for the next lottery and we earned as a WIN. Next picture will show you how it worked up until the last Thai lottery draw.

Please see below the result of 100% PASS:

As it was shown in the picture above, we were successful at guessing the next lottery lucky number!

What will be the result of the next upcoming lottery?

Thai Lottery Magic Tip for April 01

As you can see on our formula above, the number which you have to look for the next lottery draw is: 1265

We wish you very good luck for the next lottery and our team will pray for your success!




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