Thai Lottery Magic Tips for 01/03/2019

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Our tips and tricks help other people to win much more often than usual. We have played various lotteries and we have gained huge experience. That is why today we will give you Thai lottery magic tips for the upcoming game.
This system is very easy and should be used by you if you want to gain more winnings.

Step 1: Using the previous Thai lottery result

We will take the previous winning in 16/02/2019 both 3up and last 2 digit numbers – 824 and 56.


You have to use both of these numbers for the magic tips calculations. This will help you determine the next Thai lottery lucky numbers.

Step 2: Using mirror numbers

Mirror numbers are very often used when developing lottery formulas. We will not go deep into this topic, but the main point you have to remember is that every number has its own “mirror number”. Please see below table of mirror numbers:

Step 3: Using the Thai lottery magic tips for next game

Now it is time to predict the next results.
1. Count the last number of each number combinations: 4+6=10

2.  From the 0 to the left, add its mirror number, which is 5 and then subtract -4 from the 0, which is 6 (10-4) and write it to the right of the number 0.

3.  Now we continue to calculate. We take number 2 and add number 5, which is 7 and then we subtract number 1 from this number 2 times. You will get 7 – 6 – 5.

Final Thai lottery magic tips

After you have calculated everything, you will have 4 numbers to choose from – 7, 6, 5 and 0
Use these numbers to create your combination in order to win the next game.
See example below:

We hope you have your winning number and we wish you GOOD LUCK!


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