Thai Lottery Free Tips March 16 2019

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This week we will present Thai lottery free tips for the upcoming draw on March 16.
Our team will give out free lottery tips two times a week, just for you. We wish your success and pray to God about your journey to wealth.
Free tips will help you to develop into a successful Thai lottery player and you will earn a good amount of money.

Free Tips Formula

For this formula, we will be using historical data from the last five lottery games. With the help of these games, we can determine that our formula works well and we can use it for the upcoming game on March 16.
This is the list of the historical games we will use for our predictions:

December 30 2019


January 17 2019


February 01 2019


February 16 2019

March 01 2019


Addition to historical data, we will use mirror numbers as well. Mirror numbers are listed below:

When we will present you are tips, we will mark the mirror number blue.

How to Use The Free Tips Formula for Thai Lottery

For you to use this formula, you have to do little calculations and use a mirror number as well. This formula is very simple to use and will be a great help for your lucky number picking.

1st Step

We have to take 1st Prize winning number, next we will use two digit winning number and last, three digit 1st pick number winners.



2nd Step

You count the first and second number of the 1st prize winner. Whatever the number you get, you have to take away 1 (-1). In the end, you will have two numbers.

In this example (7+3=10 and 10-1=9), our results are numbers 0 and 9.

3rd Step

We take the last number of the 1st prize winner and the last number of the two-digit winner and count them together. After you have done that, you take the result and look up the mirror number for it. You should end up with two numbers. Remember mirror numbers are marked blue.

Om this case, we took 7 and counted it with 2 (7+2=9), our result was 9, and the mirror number for 9 is 4.

4th Step

The final step is to take the first 3-digit winner number and the last number of the 3-digit winner. After you count them, take away -1 and add +1 to the result. In the end, you should end up with three different numbers.

In this case, our results numbers are 5,6 and 7.

Free tips for March 16 Thai Lottery

If you have done everything correctly, then this is the results which you should get.

You can see, that the past five results are a PASS. This formula has proven itself successful.

The FREE tip for March 16 2019, lottery draw is

The lucky number free tips to watch for the next upcoming Thai lottery are – 7, 6, 5, 0, 1, 2 and 3. 



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