Thai Lottery 3UP Meaning & Total Results

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What is Thai Lottery 3UP?

It’s not complicated at all! 3UP means the last 3 digits of the 1st prize lucky number winning. See picture below for the last winning numbers.

Thai lottery 3UP ExplanationAs you can see, it is 824 form the draw on 16.02.2019

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How Thai lottery 3UP is played?

There are 3 main rules how Thai lottery 3UP is being played.

  1. You have to match last two numbers exactly in order
  2. You have to match last three numbers exactly as they are in the order
  3. Match the last three numbers, which have been draw in any order

Depending on the number of unofficial Thai lottery agencies the games may differ but it will be based on the last three digits from the 1st prize of the official Thai lottery draws.

Winning Prizes

The prizes may change based on what Thai lottery agency you are using, but based on the main games mentioned above, the prizes are as follows:

  1. For the two exact order number draw, the prize is 1000baht per 12baht wagered
  2. For the three digit exact order number draw, the prize is 500baht per 1baht wagered
  3. For the three digit any order number draw, the prize is 90baht per 1 baht wagered

Chances of Winning

Based on the main games we mentioned above. The chances or odds of winning each game are as follows:

  1. The odds of matching last two number in exact order are 1:99
  2. The odds of matching last 3 numbers in exact order are 1:1000

Odds of matching last 3 numbers in any order are only 1:220

The prizes are big for Thai lottery 3UP games, so please do not hold back and check our Thai lottery 3up tips in order to increase your chances of winning!

Thai Lottery 3UP Total Sure Numbers (Result Table)

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