Thai Lottery 3UP total set tips for April 01 2019

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We will not waste time and that is why we are back with the Thai lottery 3UP tips for the upcoming game on April 01, 2019.

We had a successful lottery this week and we are ready for the next game. Today we will share you our formula for 3UP total set.

The Formula for 3UP

For this formula, we will need previous winning numbers and use our formula to predict the next winning numbers!

The formula: take the last number of the previous 3up winning number set, then you add +7 to it, after that you take away -1 from the result you just got.

See example below:

As example shows, this is a very easy formula to master and it is helpful at the same time. We have had good results with it and that is why we are showing it just for you!

Test the Formula

We always test our formulas before playing Thai lottery with them, because what would be the purpose of it, if it does not work. For this particular formula, we will show you that we had winnings on all the previous numbers.

The winning number which will be used are from:

February 01, 2019:

February 16, 2019:

March 01, 2019:

March 16, 2019:

Now let us test the formula. Below you will see how we got 100% PASS on all the previous winners and predicted the next ones. That is why we love this formula as the results speak for itself.

Please see full of previous prediction results:

It is always nice to see this kind of results and we are always working hard so that it should be like that. Our Thai lottery 3up results are extremely helpful and we suggest you use them. Now let us move to the final 3UP tips for the upcoming lottery.

Thai Lottery 3UP tips April 01

We hope you will have a great game after a couple of weeks and you will walk home with the money full of your pockets.

Please see below the main tips for upcoming lottery game:

The lucky numbers you should be using are 8 – 5 – 4.

We wish you very good luck and God bless you for your winnings!




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