Thai Lottery 3UP Tips For 17-01-2019

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Hello, Dear Lucky number hunters!

After the last Thai lottery draw, we now have to prepare ourselves for the upcoming Thai lottery 3UP.

We have created a method based on which you can increase your chances of winning. We have been using this method for a long time and it has proven successful for us. 

Our method is based purely on statistics and chance of the number getting picked repeatedly.

Data Collection

We always have to work with historical data, because it will help us determine which numbers to pick for Thai l 3UP.

We select the previous 19 winnings. In this case, our order is from Newest to Oldest, starting from above to below. We always try to interpret the lucky color of the upcoming lottery, because it always helps us with our good fortune!


Arrange the Data

As you saw above all the results, now we have to collect the data in the separate table. This table will look like this:

Ball number is the number of possible balls to be drawn for Thai lottery last 3 numbers. These numbers are ranging from 0-9, which makes even easier to guess what could be the next winning combination.

Now we have to count, how many times each number has been drawn in each slot.

For example, let’s take Slot 1 and Ball Number 1 and Number 2

In this case from all of our collected previous data Ball Number 1 was drawn 3 times and Ball Number 2 was drawn only 1 time.

Sum-up The Total

After we have counted how many time each ball has been drawn for each slot in previous Thai lottery results for 3UP. Now we can count the total numbers of how much each bull number was drawn.

As you can see, we have already calculated how much each ball has been drawn out for the last Thai lottery 3UP results. For example, Number 6 has been drawn 6 times, Number 7 has been drawn 7 times, Number 0 – 8 times etc.

Now this time, we won’t be using Slot 1 – Slot 3, it is another method for next time!

Right now, we select data only from ball number and Total. And we arrange those data based on the Total time they have been drawn fir Thai lottery last three numbers. It will show us what number has been drawn the most and which the last for the last 19 Thai lottery.

As you can see, number 6 is the most drawn number and number 4 is the least. And there is a number drawn in between for 8, 7 and 6 times.


Our Strategy

In next upcoming Thai 3UP, we will be using following strategy.

We will take numbers based on our previous table: from 6 – 9 and one time the last number 4, because it had the least drawn, so it could appear in the next Thai lottery.

Then we create combinations from all those possible numbers, we use mostly the most drawn numbers and arrange them.

Please write down these numbers for upcoming Thai lottery results. These are the highest possible odds of winning.

UPDATE [17-01-2019]

Another Thai lottery has been played and we have WON this time!

Thai Lottery 3UP Results was 079 and as you can see it is the same as in our predictions.

We wish someone did pick this number and got lucky as we did!

Follow our tips to increase your chance of winning the Thai Lottery.




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