Thai Lottery 3UP Single Digit Tips for March 16 2019

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Do you want to be efficient in the next Thai lottery for 3up single digit game? Do not worry, we have you covered. Our team created a simple, yet effective formula, which we believe, will pass next lottery draw.
How do we know that the formula will work for the next lottery? The answer is that we are using historical data of previous winning numbers and we apply it for the next lottery. It brings great results, we have fully tested this formula and now we are sharing it with you.

Historical Lottery Data

In order to first test the formula, we need historical data of previous winning Thai lottery 3up and 2-digit numbers.
These are the numbers, we will be used to predict the upcoming result:

December 16 2018: 564 62

December 30 2018: 867 02

January 17 2019: 079 65

February 1 2019: 134 04

February 16 2019: 824 56

March 01 2019: 650 65

After we have collected the historical numbers, which we will be using for our formula, it is time to move on to arranging data and calculating.

The Formula for 3UP Single Digit

As we mentioned above, the formula is very, very simple, but very trustworthy and effective – that is the reason we are using it.
The secret to this formula is to count the last 3UP number digit to last 2-digit number digit. Please see the example below:

After you have counted it, you will have the 3UP single digit number for the next lottery. Let’s see if that happened.
Example below:

Now let’s see, what all the next results will tell us.
Please see picture below for all the calculated tested results:

As you can see, we used this formula on our last 5 Thai lottery games, and it had an accuracy of 100%

Prediction for March 16 2019 Thai lottery

As you saw the above paragraph, the lottery formula works 100%, so we will use the same formula for the upcoming draw. Please see the results below:

And the answer is – 5
This number is very likely to win you a prize in the upcoming lottery, so use our tips and win some money!


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