Thai Lottery 123 Tips Single Digit formula for 16/03/2019

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Another Thai lottery draw has concluded. We hope you enjoyed last weeks lottery and we hope you had some winnings as well.

We will waste no time and prepare ourselves for the upcoming lottery. We have created a great formula for 123 single digit draw. We are using it constantly and have great results.

Using past 123 results


In order to explain this formula, we will be using past results.

Please see below the past 4 results of Thai lottery 123 single digit.

17/03/2019 – 079

01/02/2019 – 134

16/02/2019 – 824

01/03/2019 – 650

123 Single Digit Formula


The magic number for this formula is 593. We will multiply every previous result with 593 (*593).

This way we can test the historical winnings and see if really the number appears on the next Thai lottery draw. Please see picture below, which illustrates the 123 single digit formula using past results.

As you can see, the single digit number was guessed at all times. We are confident that this formula will work for the next lottery as well.


Tips for Single Digit Lottery


For an upcoming lottery, we will take our previous results, which is 650 and we will multiply it with 593.

The results are – 3, 8, 5, 4 and 0.

Use these numbers for the next Thai lottery draw and be confident that you will win.




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