Thai Lottery 123 Tips for April 01 2019

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Today we will present to you our new Thai lottery 123 tips. We created this strategy just for you, so you could gain more chances of winning the next lottery. We had a great weekend and we won a lot of money with our strategy and now it is time to share it with you.

This strategy is very good and reliable, so please follow our instructions and learn as much as you can, it will help you win money- a LOT!

The Strategy for 123 Tips  

We have to draw two boxes with six windows in it. One box will be for +1 and other boxes will be for -1. We will explain that later.

Example of the boxes:

Next step is to take the previous winning numbers and write them across diagonally in each box.

We are using winner from last Thai lottery March 16:

See the example below, the number should be written diagonally in both boxes:

Now you have to either +1 or -1 (depending on the box you are calculating) from the last number in the window:

You start counting from the last winning number and each result you get, you either +1 or -1 from it, please see below:

As the picture above shows, this is the final result you should get. Now let us move on to the final tips for April 01

Final tips for 123 lotteries on April 01

If you have done every step as we instructed and the last image above is the same as yours then you are on the right track.

In order to pick the final that lottery 123 tips, you have to pick any 3-digit numbers presented in your cable box.

Please see the example below:

You can pick them from the left side to the right, from the right side to the left, from above to below, diagonally etc.

We hope you will have a great lottery game and win a lot of money for yourself and your family!




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