Thai Lottery 123 (Tips for 01-02-2019)

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We are getting ready for new Thai Lottery on 01-02-2019 and we have created a method which will help you as it is helping us.

This strategy will focus on the first 3 numbers and the last 3 numbers of your 6-digit number.

By guessing right at least one of these 3digit numbers, you will earn 4000baht. It is quite a good money for little work.

Data Collection

As you can see in the example above, each of the three digit numbers is drawn 2 times, which increase your chances of winning once or even double or quadruple!

We will collect two separate tables with previous 20 winnings for each – first three digits and last 3 digits all together.

Ball Number Appearances

As we previously discussed, this method involves counting how often particular ball ranging from 0-9 has appeared. As for 3UP Tips, in today’s method, we will not use Slot 1 – Slot3 method. Right now, we have to arrange the number appearances for each – 3FIRT and 3LAST Thai Lottery 123 numbers.

As you can see, we have calculated all the numbers and their appearances. We have to remember that in Thai Lottery or any other Lottery that chances of any ball to be drawn are equal every time. The only thing with this method is that we can predict the trend of the ball being picked next time.

Sort the Totals

Now we have to sort the numbers, being from most drawn to less drawn numbers for the last 20 Thai lottery games.


As you can see, the leaders are number 3 and 4 for 3First drawings. It is quite likely they could appear in the next upcoming lottery.


As for the 3LAST ball with Number 1 is the leader as Number 2 and Number 5 appear quite often as well.

NOTE: Try to use the least number used as well, for example in 3FIRST it could be Number 8 and for 3LAST Number 4. As per statistics, the chance for it to appear next lottery is also quite big.

Thai Lottery 123 Tips

After we collect the data for both First and Last 3 digit numbers we used various methods to determine the highest possible combinations (we will write about it on a separate post).

Please see below the tables of what combinations you should focus on:


These are the numbers which we have great confidence in for first 3 digits to appear.


As for the 3LAST number of an upcoming draw, we have predicted these numbers and we put great confidence in them.

Please use both of these tables and depending on your predictions, you can compare to our results and maybe you will have the lucky numbers! We really do hope you get.

Try to use a light blue color as it is the lucky color of 01-02-2019, it will boost your luck!


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