Thai Lottery 123 single digit tips for 01-03-2019

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Hi, our valued reader!
Have you ever wondered, how can I predict a single-digit lucky number for the upcoming Thai lottery? You have great luck if you are reading this because we will give you tips for upcoming Thai lottery 123 single digit draw on 01-03-2019

The Strategy

We always use simple, but very efficient formulas, that help us win consistently. This formula is no exception. It is also simple, bet very reliable for guessing the lucky number, and it works just fine. We will show you the historical results and will predict the upcoming single digit number winner.


This formula is very simple, but at the same time, very efficient. The only thing we have to do is to take the last winner and add +344 and count the numbers. You will end up with new numbers, which you can choose for your next lucky number, EASY!
this is winning number from 01-11-2018
As you can see, the winning number is 564. In order to predict the next number for 16-11-2018, we add +344 to this number.

If you count 6+4, it will be 10, but use only a second number, which is 0. The result is 808 and you should use these numbers for your next winning single-digit draw. Now let’s see what was the result on 16-11-2018, and it was 867


You can test this several times with previous winnings, it will work 90% of the time. We have been using it very often and it works great for us!

Thai Lottery 123 Single Digit Tips

As we discussed earlier, this formula is very easy and should be used a lot of times, because it brings great results. It is time to predict what single digit number will appear in next draw on 01-03-2019.
The previous winning number was 824 on 16-02-2019.

Now as we showed you previously – add +344 to the 824 number.

And as you can see, the possible winning numbers, which you should be using for single-digit winning is 1,6 and 8.



We hope you found this article informative for your success in the Thai lottery. We are confident that you will get great results using this formula.


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